12:54 PM

It's been a while.. have a good day everyone ^^
I want do some review the games i play.

1. The witcher 3 !!
Thumbs up. but only 18+ can play. TET!! haha! Don't think me wrong.
I play it everyday after work. i finish all the task except Gwent task. i cannot do the task because i didn't know how to play that card!! haha! Now, just looking some task that witcher can do.

2. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
Scary AF! i have to ask my sister stay close with me when i play it.haha. scary doe. need to find sarah.  Still playing but berani main siang je la.haha!

3. Diablo 3.
My friends suggest me play it. It's funny!! The monster..soo cute.haha!

4. Mobile Legends
Gaah! i got fever until now because of it. I play it and only sleep for 3 hours. haha! i have to stop for a while from this mobile legends. huhu~ It's a good game. Same like Dota. I was try Dota once but i feel so bored because i was KILLED many time.jilakak.haha.

5. Tree of Savior
At 1st, it's really interesting to play. when at the time..bored. haha. keep killing the monster. the same monster. nyeh~

6. Sherlock Holmes the Devil's Daughter
Thumbs up! game story. i really like it. I have to choose which dialogue i have to say/do . I like Sherlock Holmes since i was in middle school. I read the book. but in malay. i borrow it from the library from my middle school. but now, i still looking that book at the book store or at the exhibition. RARE. i cannot find that book. nyuuu~

7. Murdered soul suspect
Thumbs up! playing as a soul to find the real culprit. have to run away from the demon. jilake. have to be careful when to kill the demon. there have the way how to kill it. IT'S DIFFICULT!! haha!

8. Evolve stage 2
Human vs Monster. you can be a human or a monster. jump,run.. kill the little monster. and the monster will suck the another monster to evolve. i play it with friends. he cursed and yell a lot.ahahaha!

and many games i play. i don't remember another games, wah!! my life. My 1st game is.. The Sims. haha!! but now i play RPG games a lot. It's help me to produce some idea for my work. haha! Produce!
I do design and video for my workplace. When i don't have idea, i play games and watching anime. This is how i get my idea. And for my skit cosplay competition. i refer skit at youtube from oversea. or i read a fantasy story from the internet. Well, it's help me to write the script for my skit ^^


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